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Top 3 mobile gaming accessories in 2018

One of the best ways to experience mobile gaming is by having the right gaming accessories that enable you to fully immerse yourself in the game and ensure the game is as interactive as possible. Gamers will attest that there are some really awesome mobile games that you just wish you had a better gaming console to enable you enjoy the game more. All it takes to transform your gaming experience is just the right strategic investment in the right accessories.

Let’s take a look at our top 3 pick for mobile gaming accessories you must have in 2018

The Gamevice controller

11 - Top 3 mobile gaming accessories in 2018

If you operate an iPad or iPhone and you enjoy playing mobile games, then the Gamevice is the accessory you should have by now. Going for about £70, Gamevice is a gaming console that attaches to your mobile device via a lightning adapter, and it has ad-pad, button inputs as well as dual analogue stick. This very light device weighing a paltry 130g will ensure you have an awesome mobile gaming experience.

The Moga Pro Power controller

12 - Top 3 mobile gaming accessories in 2018

Android smartphone users have not been left out as far as mobile gaming accessories are concerned. For them, the accessory of choice is the Moga Pro Power going for about £36. The device has a flip-up grip tailored to hold your phone above a controller, which then enables you enjoy your mobile games as though it was a gaming console. The Moga Pro Power will work on almost all android smartphones as it can interface via Bluetooth. In addition, it has a built-in 2200mAh battery which ensures you have ample gaming time without draining you phone’s charge.

The Homido V2 VRheadset

13 - Top 3 mobile gaming accessories in 2018

What better way to enhance your mobile gaming experience like incorporating VR technology to your game play. This has been made possible by theHomido V2 VR headset going for about €70. This device is compatible with most smartphones with screens between 4.5 and 6 inches and will guarantee you an immersive gaming experience. Only point to note is that it will drain your battery but the game play experience is worth it.

Be sure to check these out, you’ll thank us for it.