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The top 3 PC games of all time

PC games have been with us for decades with game developers working to outdo each other with the type of game play experience that their different games provide. A number of PC games have been able to stand out over the years and have been able to even match some of the gaming experiences provided by a couple of gaming consoles. Such games will definitely stand the test of time and ensure PC games remain relevant even as the market shrinks as a result of proliferation of console video games and mobile games.

We have decided to share our top 3 pick of PC games of all time.

#1 Half-Life 2

Half-Life 2 released in 2004 has been voted by many PC gaming enthusiasts as one of the best if not the best single player shooting games for the PC. This game actually received Game of the Year awards from 39 different gaming review platforms. Half-Life 2 does not just offer excellent graphics but also an immersive gameplay experience. It’s been over a decade since the game’s debut but it undoubtedly earns a spot among the best PC games of all time.

#2 Doom

Doom was a game that truly revolutionized PC gaming and became a pioneer of what game developers in the PC gaming industry have achieved. Originally released in 1993, this game most definitely open the way for other first-person shooter games, even before the term was coined.  Doom was able to stand out and attract millions of games because of its use of 3D graphics which were well ahead of its time, the weapons, as well as the incorporation of a multiplayer mode. This is truly a pioneer in PC gaming that deserves a slot in the list of PC games of all time.

#3 Grand Theft Auto V

The Grand Theft Auto series truly opened up the world of open ended PC gaming as it allowed gamers to take recklessness and social disorder to a whole new level. However, it was not until Grand Theft Auto V release in 2013 that this franchise truly stacked its claim in PC gaming history. Grossing over $1 billion in sales, this game became the fastest-selling entertainment property of all time. The game did not only have amazing graphics, it also ensured players enjoyed a very immersive experience. GTA V truly deserves a spot in the list of PC games of all time.

If you are yet to try out these three PC games then you are missing out on PC gaming royalty. These are games you are bound to enjoy and they will give you a pretty good appreciation of how far the PC gaming industry has come.