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4 important health benefits of playing video games

Society has for a long time dismissed gaming as a waste of time, an addictive activity, and sometimes a mere source of entertainment. Recent research however has proved that gaming is good for your health. The health benefits of gaming are believed to extend to both adults and children alike as they help them in developing their cognitive skills, improving brain performance, as well as muscle strengthening.

Below we break down the 4 important health benefits of playing video games.

Games help in improving problem-solving skills

Most games are designed to challenge a player to complete certain milestones in order to progress from one level to the next and eventually emerge victorious. These milestones are essentially problems that need well thought out solutions and in many occasions very fast decision making. When an individual is frequently involved in such games, and is frequently required to find solutions, it eventually leads to an improvement in their overall problem solving skills even in real life situations.

Games help in improving coordination

Games are designed to engage various senses as this is the way to ensure they are immersive, interactive and very fun to play. A player will often use their sight, hearing, touch, and so on at the same time and this provides really good mental stimulation. Frequently playing such games will therefore drastically improve a person’s coordination as they have learnt to engage their physical, visual and audial senses concurrently.

Games help to improve memory

The nature of most video games is that they begin with a player receiving a set of instruction which may include verbal instructions, maps, and a number of other tips. Players are then required to memorize these instructions because they will be required to apply them during game play. Frequently playing such games that encourage a person to frequently use their visual and audial memory will help in improving both their short-term and long-term memory.

Games improve attention and concentration

Many people have been known to suffer from attention disorders therefore it becomes difficult to make their minds concentrate for long on one thing. Video games have proven to be a good solution to this problem. Game designers purposefully design their games to be immersive and interactive and this helps in enhancing concentration of the players. Frequently playing such games will eventually improve attention and concentration even in other day to day tasks.

In as much as games are beneficial to us health wise, it’s important to keep in mind that this is not applicable to all types of games. In addition, video games have to be played in moderation because overplaying them is known to also cause a number of negative effects on the players.

As for children, parents must ensure that these games are played under their supervision.

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