OAYTIV0 - About

Ragnar Brothers is a world leader in gaming. We specialize in online gaming for both mobile devices and PC games, as well as downloadable offline games. With us you’re guaranteed of the best gaming experience as we have built our reputation around excellent graphics that guarantee an interactive and awesome gaming experience. We have ensured that our games are on trend with all the latest gaming technologies. To this end, with our games, you can seamlessly integrate VR technology, proximity sensors, as well as other gaming technologies that ensure an immersive and interactive gaming experience.

We take a unique approach in our game development process as we involve gamers in the active testing and improving of our game play experience. We also provide open source versions of games under development to give other upcoming gaming engineers an opportunity to make improvements on our games. If we like what they do, we give them an opportunity to join our team of developers in our mainstream projects and ensure they get credit and get paid for their role in the development process.

Through this platform, we will also share informative content to budding gamers as we work towards offering mentorship to the next generation of game developers.

We look forward to interacting more with you on this platform.


Ragnar Brothers